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• 4/18/2013

What do you think about Jolly being younger than Dante?

I seriously doubt it because in the anime, when Felicita accesses Mondo's memories, Jolly looks about 16 or 17. If that's so, why do people think that Jolly is younger than Dante? I mean, just because Dante is bald, doesn't mean he's older than Jolly. And in Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi, doesn't Jolly say something about him stopping his physical growth or something like that???

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• 4/19/2013

The very fact that Luca is Jolly's son means that he must be atleast as old as Dante. But we can't really say for sure whether he's younger or elder than Dante or probably the same age as Dante. And as far as the official info goes, Jolly's age is unknown. I guess this was done to make him appear more mysterious.

• 5/2/2013

I personally think that Jolly must be older than Dante. Dante is 38, and when Jolly's unknown wife had Luca, it would be impossible for Jolly to be the same age. If he were, than that means he had Luca when he was 9. So I estimate that he's in his late forties, minus the fact that he looks younger than forty. Plus, when Felicita accessed Mondo's memories, Jolly looked around 16 while Mondo looked like he was in his mid twenties. I think Jolly must only be a little younger than Mondo.

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