Pace's half-brother. He is a minor character in La storia della Arcana Famiglia. He is the heir of the island's feudal lord.

Appearance Edit

He is dressed in a formal aristocratic outfit. He wears a light-coloured jacket, matching trousers, a black button-down shirt, and dark waistcoat with a tucked-in cravat at the neck. He has a cowlick like Pace, but his hair is blond and not as wild.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Plot Edit

He first appears to ask Pace to return 'home'. As heir to the feudal lord of the island, Regalo technically belongs to his family despite the Arcana Famiglia's governance over it.

Relationships Edit

  • Pace - Half-brothers. They share the same father.
  • Felicita - She speaks with Alberto in Mondo's place at times. He sees her as a connection to his estranged half-brother.


"If anything, it is someone of your status who should not be fooling around at a place like this."[1] "Still clueless as ever, I see."[2]


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