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Arcana Famiglia (ファミリア, Arukana Famiria, Arcana Family) is a vigilante group and the self-appointed government as well as the protectors of the island Regalo.[1][2] The Arcana Famiglia consist of five divisions.[3]Above them is the Executive Chief along with two other right-hand men who are responsible for the top decisions as his 'advisors'.[4] The "Arcana" in the Family's name is referring to the Arcana cards of the tarot.


The Arcana Famiglia is split into two main groups: Major and Minor Arcana. 

The Major Arcana members are ranked here, in order of importance in the Family:

  • Boss
  • Family Advisors
  • Chief Executive
  • Deputy Chief Executive
  • Sub-division heads
  • Other Major Arcana members

(The boss's spouse is given a great deal of respect as well, but has no clearly identifiable space in the chain of command.)

The Minor Arcana are ranked below and are sorted among the sub-divisions according to their card suit. Presumably, they are ranked within these subdivisions according to the rank of the card they hold. 


There are five Sub-Divisions in the Arcana Famiglia Government. Each is headed by one of the Major Arcana members. The Intelligence Division is the only subdivision without Minor Arcana members. 

Name Head Function Status
Coins Debito Finance Active
Cups/ Holy Grail Nova Security Active
Intelligence Division Dante Intelligence and Diplomacy Active
Swords Felicità Intervention Active
Wands Pace Inspections Active



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