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Arcana Famiglia -Festa Regalo!- (アルカナ・ファミリア -フェスタ・レガーロ!-) is the third instalment of the La storia della Arcana Famiglia games released for Playstation Portable. It is a spin-off cooking game developed by HuneX, published by COMFORT and released for Japan on December 13, 2012.

In 2012, COMFORTsoftjp put out this video for it.   


The story takes place after Arcana Famiglia Vascello Phantasma no Majutsushi. One autumn day, Felicita’s dad got bored and decided that he’s gonna make his mafia men have an iron chef battle. The prize is having his powers for 1 day and whether they like it or not, they must participate. It’s up to you (the player) and your chosen partner to run around, gather ingredients and make awesome dishes to please the judges. As a reward though, there are some short bonus scenarios & CGs.

First Press Limited Edtition

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Bonus Contents Include:

  1. One Limited Version Drama CD "Grande festa di La Boce in Autunno ~The Story of my Lovely Daughter's Limone Pie~ (秋の大ラ・ボーチェ祭り~愛しい娘のリモーネパイ物語~)"
    1. Story: A heartfelt wish arrived at Arcana Familia's opinion box "La Beauche". Can the members of the family respond to the voice of this "worried islander"? And what is the true meaning of "worried islanders" and what is it? —— This is the secret story of the birth of a certain dish.
    2. All drama parts detailing all 8 character routes (including Mondo, Sumire and Federica)
    3. Theme Song "Kamona Siesta" (by Mondo and Sumire)
  2. Earphone Jack Pierce & Charm