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FeatheredMask88 FeatheredMask88 20 October 2019

Fandom Gamepedia Merge

Hi! I'm your local wiki admin! 

For the most part, the merge between Fandom and Gamepedia won't affect this wiki very much since we don't have a counterpart wiki on Gamepedia. Still, there are some changes that are happening to the site overall and I'm here to tell you how they affect the Arcana Famiglia Wiki. 

For more details on the latest news of the merger, click here . 

  • 1 Character/Main Articles
  • 2 Article Comments
  • 3 Forums
  • 4 Profiles and Message Walls
  • 5 Mobile Editing!

Coding, editing, and everything already embedded into these pages should be unchanged. Coding on most infoboxes and templates here is a few years old and needs to be updated for easier mobile navigation, but it sounds like those won't be corrupted or broken by the move. Articles wil…

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Flyxzz Flyxzz 7 July 2014

Will There Be Season 2?

Hi, I would like to know if there will be season 2 for Arcana Famiglia?

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