The list of Tarocco cards (and their characters):

  0. Il Matto:the Fool - The 1st card allows Libertà to use the power of words.

  1. Il Mago: The Magician - the 1st card allows Ash to shapeshift into animals that he sees or names
  2. La Papessa: The High Priestess 
  3. L'Imperatrice: The Empress
  4. L'Imperatore: the Emperor - The 4th card allows Dante to seal people's memories.
  5. Il Gerofante: The Hierophant
  6. Gli Amanti: the Lovers - The 6th card allows Felicità to read people's hearts and cancel out the effects of her second Archana
  7. Il Carro: The Chariot - The 7th card allows Teo to control gravity. 
  8. La Giustizia: Justice - The 8th card is Joshua's, and its powers are unknown.
  9. L'Eremita: the Hermit - The 9th card allows Debito to turn himself invisible.
  10. La Routa della Fortuna: the Wheel of Fortune - The 10th card allows Felicità to change the relationship between the host and his/ or her Tarocco card.
  11. La Forza: Strength - The 11th card allows Pace to increase the strength in his attacks.
  12. L'impiccato: The Hanged Man - The 12th card allows Serafino to envelop a person's vision in darkness.
  13. La Morte: Death - The 13th card allows Nova to force his enemies to sleep.
  14. La Temperanza: Temperance - The 14th card allows Luca to disable his enemy's Arcana Powers.
  15. Il Diavolo: The Devil
  16. La Torre: the Tower - The 16th card allows Elmo to make force fields.
  17. La Stella: The Star - The 17th card is Neve's, and its power grants the wish of the wielder. 
  18. La Luna: the Moon - The 18th card allows Jolly to enter one's memories.
  19. Il Sole: The Sun
  20. Il Giudizio: Judgement - The 20th card is Sumire's, and it allows her to heal others.
  21. Il Mondo: the World - The 21st card is Mondo's, and it lets him amplify the Arcana powers of others, as well as unlocking the rest of the 21 cards.