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Caterina is Pace's mother and a mother figure to both Luca and Debito.


Caterina is a plump woman with long hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. She has tired eyes.


She is a kind woman who strives to protect Pace from his father, and always eager to take care of Debito and Luca as well.


Caterina was a poor woman who fell in love with the island's feudal lord after his first marriage failed to produce an heir. After Pace was born, the lord's wife became pregnant with Alberto, and Caterina feared for what would happen to Pace in that situation, so she took him and fled.

Because of their poverty, they sheltered at the church. Caterina took in Debito and Luca as well, treating them as she always treated Pace.

She died of illness.


Pace, Luca, and Debito routinely visit her grave, and both Felicita and Alberto leave flowers after learning of her connection to pace.


No known abilities.


Pace: Her son.

Luca and Debito: Both of them have fond memories of Caterina trying to feed them ridiculous amounts of food.