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Childhood Friends
Episode 5.png
Episode 5
Title Childhood Friends
in Italian Amici d’infanzia
in Kanji 幼なじみ
in Rōmaji Osananajimi
Air Date July 29, 2012
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Childhood Friends 「幼なじみ, Osananajimi」 (Amici d'infazia) is the fifth episode of the La storia della Arcana Famiglia anime.


When Luca and Felicità deliver the limone pie, Pace and the others enjoy the pie. Debito comments on how the slices are too small. Felicità notices Libertà leaving the diner room. Felicità goes to help Luca make pie while Nova scolds Libertà for thinking Fel is involved with his problems. Nova refuses to tell Libertà about his past.

Later, Nova assists Felicità with the pie delivery. When Sumire brings up how Nova first met Felicità, the three recall that day. Sumire and Mondo welcome Nova into their family. Nova gets the chance to try Felicità's pie, as the betrothed to her. He remarks that it was the first time that he felt happiness in a family. Shortly after, Nova and Felicità carry Giapponese flowers. He tells Felicità to observe the other departments. Meanwhile, Jolly asks Dante about how Libertà is doing. At the same time, Pace is having a blast at Debito's casino. The two men notice a woman who lost her purse.

Out on the streets, Nova and Felicità bump into a man. Felicità peers into the man's heart with Gli Amanti and notices his act of crime. When Nova gets surrounded by the man's accomplices, Nova threatens the man with his katana not to insult his family. Nova and Felicità beat up the men and return the purse to the woman. Debito remarks that he enjoys Nova's sense of honor and tells Nova to praise Felicità. Along the way home, Nova gives Felicità fertilizer for the flowers. When Felicità asks Nova about his techniques, Nova explains that he learned it from Sumire. Felicità notices how close Nova and Sumire are. Then, Nova tells Felicità to work hard to meet everyone's expectations.

That night, Nova recalls his parents making him do work for their selfish desires. Next day, Nova investigates the unusually high amount of money used for research. Luca has a word with Nova and tells Nova to be more gentle with Felicità. He has Felicità come in and bring chickpea soup to Nova. As Felicità ventures down to Jolly's lab, Jolly reveals that he changes the lock every now and then.

In Jolly's lab, Jolly gives Felicità a stack of documents as proof. After Felicità have left, Jolly opens the curtain and looks at a body floating inside the tube. When Nova reads Jolly's documents, he notices Jolly has been writing up on Nova's parents' clinical status. Nova explains that he has put them to sleep for the past seven years with to his Arcana Powers. He informs Felicità that his parents want him to kill Mama and Papa, so his parents can take over the family. He says that he had lost control of his powers. Elsewhere, Sumire assures Nova that Felicità would be there for him even after Nova voided his engagement with Felicità. Meanwhile, Felicità recalls Libertà and Nova's burdens and hopes to help them.

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