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Commander of The Animal Protection Team
Episode 2.png
Episode 2
Title Commander of The Animal Protection Team
in Italian Il Comandante della Squadra Protezione Animali
in Kanji 動物保護チームの司令官
in Rōmaji Dōbutsu Hogo Chīmu no Shireikan
Air Date July 8, 2012
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Commander of The Animal Protection Team 「動物保護チームの司令官, Dōbutsu Hogo Chīmu no Shireikan」 is the second episode of the La storia della Arcana Famiglia anime.


As Luca drives Felicità to the mansion, he notices Felicità is absent-minded after leaving the main house. He assures her that he will be by her side. To his dissappointment, Felicità does not pay attention to his words. Libertà and and the gang welcome Felicità to the mansion. When Libertà insults Nova by calling him "Chickpea," Nova tells Felicità to stop laughing. Pace notices how Nova calls her "Fel" due to how the two of them grew up together. Then, Libertà has everyone reintroduce themselves and what organization they belong to. Libertà is in "Intelligence", a serie that deals with diplomacy. Dante is the leader of "Intelligence" as well as the director of Arcana Famiglia. Before Dante can explain his Arcana Power, Debito interrupts him. Debito is head of Coin, a serie that deals with money while Pace is in "Club," a serie that is in charge of auditing. When Luca is about introduce himself, Pace and Luca stop him. Nova is in "Holy Grail," a serie that focuses on defense. Dante informs Felicità that she will be in "Sword," a serie that is in charge of arbitration.

In a brief fight, Felicità defeats the men and becomes the head of "Sword" by Sumire's judgement. That night, Felicità recalls her father's words. In the morning, Luca reveals Felicità's paperwork. When Luca notes Felicità's somber mood, Luca runs to get some drinks for her. Then, Libertà enters the room to give Felicità a pink shell. The two notices Nova running by, and Libertà takes her away, leaving Luca behind. When Felicità and Libertà catch up to Nova, Felicità asks Nova if he needed help. She catches a glimpse of Nova's heart and learns that he saved a white kitten. Nova tells Felicità to stop looking in his heart. Libertà freaks out when Nova saved a cat from being run over. Both Libertà and Felicità offer their help to find the cat. In the hallways, Libertà chases the cat, but he drops the vase. Then, the maids prepare to punish Libertà. In the library, Nova spots the white kitten and attempts to climb up the book case only to fall. The kitten escapes outside. In the garden, Felicità attempts to climb the tree. Yet, Luca offers to climb the tree only to get stuck. Nova and Libertà chase the cat and bump their heads. When cat jumps into Felicità's bosom, Felicità delivers a swift kick to punish the boys.

Moments later, Felicità notices the cat has a collar while Jolly comes in to elaborate about the cat's perfume. Jolly comments that cat has an expensive collar. When Libertà remarks that Jolly rarely leaves the lab, Jolly explains that he is the family's advisor. His role is to help the family. Arriving to the cafe all tired, Pace learns about Felicità and her group's mission. Pace informs Felicità to ask Debito for help. Over at Isis Regalo, Debito states that he knows 15 ladies wear that specific perfume. He does not know anyone who owns the a cat. Then, Felicità gets a glimpse into the white cat's heart. She sees a blonde lady. After Debito notices the collar, he knows the owner. By Frederica's shop, Frederica rewards Felicità with a new dress for returning her cat. As the three walk home, Libertà remarks that Felicità's powers are helpful. Nova reminds them about the Arcana Duello and that they have to learn control over their powers. Nova tells Felicità that he believes in her. Meanwhile, Luca is crying out for help.

Characters in the Order of Appearance

  1. Luca
  2. Felicità
  3. Libertà
  4. Nova
  5. Pace
  6. Debito
  7. Nova
  8. Dante
  9. Sumire
  10. Mondo (Dream)
  11. Maid 1
  12. Maid 2
  13. Maid 3
  14. Jolly
  15. Frederica