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Confession of a Mask
Episode 4.png
Episode 4
Title Confession of a Mask
in Italian Confessioni di una maschera
in Kanji 仮面の告白
in Rōmaji Kamen no Kokuhaku
Air Date July 22, 2012
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Confession of a Mask 「仮面の告白, Kamen no Kokuhaku」 is the fourth episode of the La storia della Arcana Famiglia anime.


In a flashback, Dante shows Libertà Regalo Island and informs him that he will be part of the family. Libertà enthusiastically proclaims that he will be as strong as Dante. In the present, Dante fishes with Libertà by the docks. Libertà is not impressed with Dante's jokes. Dante tells Libertà to watch his health. Then, Libertà has to meet up with Felicità in town where Felicità informs him about her mother's request. Sumire wants Felicità to deliver a scarf to Jovanna. The trouble is that Felicità does not recognize Jovanna's face. Libertà finds that map hard to read. He decides to go by the roof top to find Jovanna. As Libertà marvels about the sea and remarks that he feels free, Felicità comments on how Libertà is like Dante. When Felicità asks Libertà how long has he know Dante, Libertà replies that he cannot remember. Libertà recalls a brief scene before he walks off the roof with Felicità. The two crash into a market stand. Moments later, the owner makes Felicità and Libertà work at his shop to pay for the damages. Nova notices the two working the shop.

After a while, Jovanna arrives to the shop. As the sun sets, Felicità remarks how they are lucky to find Jovanna here by coincidence. The owner thanks both Felicità and Libertà and allows them to pick out a gift. While Libertà looks at the masks, he explains that a masked man saved him at the orphanage. Then, Libertà finds a familiar mask. The owner explains it is from the Nord country and that it belongs to a man who saved children. Later, Libertà reveals the mask to Dante and Jolly. Dante changes the subject and shares Nova's report on how Libertà put Felicità's life in danger. Libertà blames Nova's map. Dante tells Libertà to grow up which causes Libertà to run out of the room. Outside of the room, Felicità catches a glimpse of Dante's heart and sees Libertà crying in burning building. After Felicità has left, Jolly informs Dante that Felicità had peered in Dante's heart. He remarks that both of them are growing. Next day, the maids are grooming Felicità's hair and notices Felicità is sad about something. Meanwhile, Libertà is in a sparring match until he gets defeated upon getting distracted with Felicità.

After Libertà assures Felicità that he will get stronger, Felicità asks Nova if he knew anything about Dante and Libertà. Nova replies that Felicità should ask Dante. After Dante receives a message from Fukulota, he meets up with Felicità in front of the fountain. Meanwhile, Debito, Luca, and Pace has Libertà eat with them. Then, someone shouts for help when a building catches on fire. In Dante's explanation, he explains that Libertà was the one child who was experimented the most at the Casa Bianca orphanage due to Libertà's powers. In front of the fire, Libertà starts to recall his past. Meanwhile in Dante's story, Dante beats down the thugs. Then, Libertà utters the word "burn," and his powers causes an explosion that burns down the building. Dante explains that Libertà has the power of the words. Even though Libertà is happy than he was at the orphanage, his powers would go berserk. Dante states that he used his Arcana Powers to seal Libertà's memories while Mondo used his powers to seal Libertà's powers. Dante asks Felicità to keep this a secret from Libertà.

In the hallways, Libertà requests Felicità to help him remember his past. Though, Felicità rejects his offer. When Nova arrives, Felicità remarks why do they even have Arcana Powers. Arriving to Dante's office, Libertà asks Dante why has he erased his memories. Dante explains that Libertà wasn't strong enough to control his powers. Then, Libertà storms off and trips outside. As he stares at the mask, Nova kicks Libertà. Nova informs Libertà that Felicità was worried and reminded him of his promise to Felicità. Nova tells Libertà to get stronger for Felicità's sake.

Characters in the Order of Appearance

  1. Libertà
  2. Dante
  3. Felicità
  4. Sumire (flashback)
  5. Nova
  6. Jolly
  7. maid 1
  8. maid 2
  9. maid 3
  10. Fukulota
  11. Luca
  12. Pace
  13. Debito