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Dante (ダンテ, Dante) is the Executive Head and the Head of the Intelligence Division, and he is one of the main characters of La storia della Arcana Famiglia.

He is one of Felicità's love interests.


Dante is a tall, bald man with brown eyes. His stigmata is located on his head. He previously had medium length brown hair when Libertà was younger. He wears an open black jacket over his shoulders, and can often be found with a cigar. His trademark is a small goatee. When he rescued Libertà, he wore an ornamental mask.


He is usually seen fishing by the dock and sometimes Libertà will join him because he lived with him on the sea for a while. He conducts meetings sometimes, and then he is alone most of the time. He is very loyal and dislikes things that are out of place. He's a little rough around the edges, and he's aware of that, trying to joke when he can to soften his persona. 


Dante is a former pirate and the savior of Libertà, who had previously been in an orphanage that performed experiments on children.

One day, Dante infiltrated the orphanage in a disguise and saw the abused children. One of the workers takes Libertà as a hostage after seeing Dante subdue several other workers by holding a knife to his throat. Libertà goes in a berzerk state and He then quietly utters the word "burn", activating his Arcana and causing a large explosion that destroys the entire orphanage.

After the smoke cleared, a disguised Dante and Libertà stand in the orphanage's ruins. Libertà asks Dante if he came here to experiment on him as well. Dante replies by saying that he came there to save him, asking if Libertà wants to come with him, to which Libertà silently agrees.

Soon, Libertà was taken to Dante's ship.


Dante spoke to the crowd at Mondo's birthday event, introducing the organization of Arcana Famiglia to the new recruits.


Emperor Arcana (エンペラー, Enpera^, L'Imperatore): Dante's Arcana has the ability to manipulate memories.

Weapon Specialist: Dante is very proficient in using a bazooka. He also shows that he knows how to use sword (in episode 6, when Dante is dressed as a masked man and uses a sword to fight with Libertà and Felicità).


  • Libertà: Dante and Liberta have a good friendship and have known each other for a long time. He acts as a father figure for the boy.
  • Felicita, Liberta, and Nova: Dante enjoys peeking in on these three from afar because he thinks they're adorable children, but he will treat them with the seriousness their positions demand when the situation deals with Family business.


  • He tries to tell good jokes/puns but unfortunately, they all are cold/not funny at all.
  • He loves alcohol from Japan[2]
  • His character song is "Resolution" sung by Jurota Kosugi.


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