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Debito (デビト, Debito) is the Head of Coins and, funnily enough, his name means "debt". He is one of the main characters of La storia della Arcana Famiglia.

He is one of Felicità's love interests.


Debito is a tall, lean man with dark skin. He has slicked-back silver hair and brown eyes. He wears a black eye patch to conceal his right eye, which was damaged and forcibly replaced with an amethyst during his childhood. He has a thin earring on his left ear. 

His clothing is very formal; Debito wears a black tuxedo, decorated by some white flame motifs. His undershirt is white, and he also wears a dark purple tie with a small clip attached. He wears black fingerless gloves.


Debito is very cheeky, carefree, and enjoys teasing his friends, namely Luca and Pace, but can be very serious when angered. He loves thrill, games, and is something of a womanizer. He looks menacing and comes off as dangerous, but he's actually good at being kind and respects those he flirts with. He loves games, and that carries into his personality, seeing life and flirting as fun games. He's no fan of being tied down, however, and hates being controlled. When he snaps, he goes completely out of control.  Despite what impression his usual behavior may give, he is very cunning and skilled, being the one that manages Regalo's economy.

Debito has a soft spot for children.[2] Back then when he was a kid, Luca used to call him an "angel".[2] He bears a large amount of affection for Felicità, and is much more interested in her than others. He also calls her "Bambina", which means little girl in Italian.


Luca and Debito lived with Pace and his mother at the church, where they would often be seen playing hide and seek. Pace and Luca would usually have a hard time finding Debito, in which he would usually fall asleep in the middle of the game. When recalling the game of hide and seek during the party for the kids at the church, Luca told Felicità, "When Debito slept, he looked like an angel. But now he's just a corrupted adult."  When Pace's mother died, they were taken in and experimented on by Jolly to help create contracts to help extend Mondo's life. In order for Debito to achieve his power and stabilize it to keep it from going berserk, his right eye was taken and replaced with an amethyst which causes him pain and discomfort. After that, all three came to hate Jolly, and Debito hates him so much that he wants to kill him for what he has done to him and his friends.


Debito's first appearance is of him in a casino being told by a card dealer that there is trouble by the harbour. He is later seen saving Libertà by effectively disarming three smugglers through the use of his twin pistols.

Later on, he is seen at Papa's birthday party conversing with a then face-stuffing Pace just as a regularly dressed Felicità arrives with Luca in tow. He, along with Pace, take part in chastising a pre-chastised Luca for not taking proper care of Felicità and seeing to it that she wore a formal dress to the party. He also teases Nova when he defends Felicità's clothing decision by making Nova seem as though he were only defending her as a way of getting to admire her legs. Debito is also seen when Jolly arrives and begins to explain the Arcana Cards, their power, and who's made a deal with what card. This is all cut short, however, by Dante's announcement that Papa was going to address the members of the family. Debito watches on as Papa announces the Arcana Duello, the benefits for the winner, and the resentment of it displayed by Felicità and Libertà. He, along with Pace, then take part in stopping the soon ensuing fight between Nova and Libertà by becoming invisible and tripping Nova midcharge. He then elaborates on his and Pace's abilities. He then watches on as Papa tells Libertà to win the Arcana Duello if he truly wishes to grant Felicità freedom. Debito is later seen with Pace and Luca discussing the announcement and even voices his opinion of having Felicità as his bride, only to to be semi blown up at by Luca. He then goes on to discredit Luca's decision to cheer Felicità on during the Arcana Duello by stating that everyone with Arcana Powers will have to participate in the event. He then calls Felicità a heartless woman, but later states that that aspect of her can be rather charming.


Hermit Arcana (隠者, Inja, L'Eremita): Debito's Arcana Mark is located on his left ankle. When activated it emits a dark pink aura. Cursed, this Tarocco can steal the contractor's hearing[3].

  • Tra Coppo Scomparire (Disappear among tiles) Due to his deal with the Hermit Arcana, Debito has the ability to turn himself invisible.[2]

Expert Marksman: He also expresses himself to be a very proficient gun user, as seen when he managed to shoot the guns out of the hands of the smugglers who had their guns trained on Libertà; all done without shooting the latter.


  • Luca ​- Back since they were kids, they were very close together with Pace. Nowadays, Debito likes to make fun of Luca and annoy him. Still, he respects Luca even though he can sometimes be a pain. Luca said Debito looks like an angel when he sleeps when he was younger.
  • Pace - Debito was also close with Pace since childhood. He considered Pace as one of the "kids"[4] because of his behavior together with Libertà.
  • Felicità ​- Debito enjoys flirting with Felicità, especially in front of Luca. He is shown calling her "Bambina," which is "little girl" in Italian. Debito always kisses the hair of Felicità, but she acts used to that from him. She can sometimes be oblivious to his romantic innuendo[5].
  • Jolly - He along with Luca and Pace all hate Jolly because he experimented on them to force contracts with Arcana Taroccos.


  • It's said by Pace, there's only one thing that Debito is good at: hiding
  • His name means "debt" in Italian
  • He calls Felicità "Bambina," which means "little girl" or "child" in Italian
  • He has a character song, Amore Bambina, sung by his Japanese voice actor.
  • Felicità thinks he has bad handwriting[6]
  • Age as stated in the official fanbook is 23 years old[7] (manga may differ)


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