Elmo (エルモ, Erumo) is an artificial child created and raised by Jolly.


Elmo has black hair and dark orange eyes. He wears an orange jacket and a brown vest with a red kerchief over his shoulders. Elmo also wears brown shorts with suspenders and brown boots.


He is calm and quiet, and appears to be curious over things that are "alive". Although Jolly has been said to not be fond of children, Elmo seems to be the only child that he cares about. Elmo likes to read books and says that the books that Jolly has are interesting but the only books that he finds hard to understand are ones related to Alchemy.


Elmo was created by Jolly through alchemy. He is an artificial human. Although there isn't information on whether Jolly used his own DNA to make Elmo, he has said that he isn't an illegitimate child.


Elmo first appears during the Piccolino.


Tower Arcana (塔 Tō, La Torre) Jolly has said that Elmo holds a contract with the Sixteenth Card: The Tower. Elmo's power is that of making force fields that protect the area surrounding Elmo. Jolly's hope is that as Elmo grows so will his power thus enabling the whole island of Regalo to be protected and easing some of the burden off of Mondo.

The Tower


  • Jolly: Jolly is the one who created Elmo and is a father figure to him.
  • Felicita: He seems to have taken a liking to her.


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