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Felicità (フェリチータ, Ferichīta) is the main heroine of La storia della Arcana Famiglia. She is the Head of Swords, the daughter of Mondo and Sumire, and she is now the current head "Donna" of their family and married to Luca (Felicità's attendant and now husband).


Like Sumire, Felicità is a cute and attractive delicate-faced girl with thigh-length red hair that is styled in two pigtails by two black ribbons with square bangs hanging over her eyebrows. She has bright green eyes and long legs.

Like the rest of the Arcana Famiglia members, Felicità wears a black suit jacket with a white high-collared shirt, but also wears a black miniskirt and black tie with a short underbust corset over her clothes. On her left arm, she wears a white buttoned falconry glove. She also wears above thigh-high black stockings, a pair of black lace-up heeled boots, and a white thick belt on her left thigh, which she uses to hold throwing knives.

Felicità's appearance as a young child.

When Felicità was younger, her hair was in shorter pigtails that were tied in two white bows and she once had a much softer face.


Due to Sumire's (Felicità's mother) strict upbringing, Felicità is strict on herself and tries to handle everything without help. She is always striving for improvement, and is usually calm and collected.

She was against her father's decision of getting her married to the person who wins the Arcana Duello, and she wants to choose her own path, not wanting others to make her life decisions for her.

Felicità is often accompanied by Fukulota, her pet owl.

Felicità is also pure and innocent in some ways. Felicità becomes highly upset and embarrassed when people are thinking perverted things about her and often reacts rather violently by kicking or using a weapon, as well as crying when Nova tells her the story of how he lost control of his Arcana and put his parents into a coma.

She is a very determined character and also very kind. She wants to help anyone who is in trouble. She prefers wearing her usual uniform rather than fancy dresses.


Ever since she was three years old [1], Luca has been Felicità's attendant and he has always been the closest to her. She often missed Mondo (Felicità's father) because she hardly got to spend much time with him. She had often been told by her mother to become a strong woman and be of great help to others. Luca has always managed to cheer her up whenever she was upset (usually because of her father). Luca continues to stay by her side as always. However, now she has more people supporting her like Libertà, Nova, Debito, Pace, Jolly and Dante.


One of Felicità's many weapons.

  • Various Weapons: Felicità carries a large assortment of small knives and daggers with her, which she keeps hidden in her uniform and slightly above her boots. She is able to quickly and conveniently access them from her uniform while simultaneously doing something else. She uses them mostly when she is angered or for self-defense.
  • Throwing Knives: Felicità has several throwing knives concealed on the belt on her left thigh.



Felicità's 'The Lovers'

  • The Lovers (恋人, Koibito, Gli Amanti): Felicità has a contract with 'The Lovers', the 6th Arcana. It gives her the ability to pierce and see through one's innermost thoughts.[2] As she is still young and inexperienced with using her Arcana, she is only able to read someone's thoughts on accident.[3]

This ability is not limited to humans, but she is also able to see the thoughts of other living creatures, such as Fran.[3] She uses the words Gli Amanti to activate her Arcana.[4][3]

* Felicità's 'Wheel of Fortune'

  • Wheel of Fortune (La Ruota Della Fortuna): This 10th Arcana is a secondary Arcana Felicità has made a contract with. This Arcana directly affects the relationship between an individual and their Arcana, reversing any harmful effect that the Tarocco might cause to the person it is contracted to. However, the side-effect of this ability is that the Wheel of Fortune will take compensation of equal value from the user, such as Felicità losing all of her memories when she attempts to revert the effects of the World's power on Mondo.

Other Abilities

  • Weapon Specialist: Felicità has shown an aptitude for using knives as weapons.

* Felicità's kick.

  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Felicità is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, being able to land successful and painful kicks when angered or agitated, as seen when she easily took Libertà and Nova down with one swift kick.[3]
  • Accurate Aim: Felicità can throw her knives with fatal accuracy and force.[4]
  • Swordsmanship: Felicità has shown an aptitude for using knives as weapons at close range. She was taught by Luca.[3]


  • Nova: He and Felicità are cousins (through their fathers) and were previously engaged. After Felicità turned 16, while Nova was still 15, Nova stopped interacting with Felicità as he had before. He continues to call her Fel, a nickname from their childhood. Despite Nova's distancing, Felicità continued to get closer to him again. Though, Nova would just push her away again. As a result, she would usually feel down for a while. One time she says unconsciously to Luca, "It's hard to make friends," which causes him to lecture Nova on behalf of Felicità.
  • Liberta: Felicità thinks of Libertà as a pervert, mainly due to his reckless nature. He is seen acting before thinking which has resulted in numerous amount of accidents when he has touched her in an inappropriate way.[4][5] Felicità somehow supported Libertà from explaining his story to the two kids.[3] Their relationship has grown as she is seen trying to figure out why he is so upset and so nervous around her.
  • Luca: Felicità's attendant and husband. Luca, along with Sumire, watched over her ever since she was small. Felicità considers him as a big brother, and at times, as just a butler. Felicità knows that Luca gets easily worried over everything, but she's used to it. Since he isn't very good at dealing with strong emotions like love, she takes charge of taking the next steps in their relationship[6][7].
  • Debito: Felicità shows little affection for Debito, although she gets concerned over if he's taking care of himself[8]. Despite that, Debito continues to flirt around with her. Debito calls Felicità "Bambina" (literally: "little girl"), which she does not seem to mind.
  • Fukurota: Her owl, seen often perched on her arm. She wears a falconry glove for this reason.
  • Jolly: He considers her an interesting subject regarding her two Arcana and enjoys teasingly flirting with her, but not much else than that, and is surprised when she does something he doesn't expect -- along with her surprising stubbornness. She makes him limone pie on an attempt to get him out of his stuffy research room[9].
  • Mondo: Felicità's father. Felicità doesn't enjoy being with her father that much, as he restricts the amount of freedom she has. Their bad relationship may also be due to the lack of interaction when Felicità was young.[4][3]
  • Sumire: Felicità's mother. Sumire cares for Felicità and usually gives her advice. Felicità often gets embarrassed by her mother's antics. She does take her mother's advice at times, however, and will go to her for help when she has a question about Japan.
  • Joshua: Felicità's half-brother and also the father of Libertà. That technically makes Libertà Felicità's half-nephew. In the anime series, Libertà is taken in by Dante who is pretty much described as Libertà's surrogate father. In the game, things are slightly more complicated.


  • The name Felicità means "happiness" in Italian.
  • Felicità is one year older than Nova.
  • Felicità has some resemblance from Mondo and Sumire:
    • She has Mondo's hair color and eye color
    • She has Sumire's square-shaped bangs
  • Felicità's favorite game at Isis Casino is Roulette Table.
  • In the anime, the first time Felicità cries is for Nova.
    • In the manga, it is because she fell down as a child.
  • As a child, Mondo explains to Nova that Felicità is a tomboy who often gets hurt.
  • There are many statues dedicated to Felicità in the Famiglia's mansion.
    • All statues bear her face and hairstyle and the statue that was mostly seen in the anime was the Felicità Statue in the fountain at the mansion courtyard.
  • There was a statue with the likeness of three-year old Felicità in Mondo and Sumire's bedroom 13 years ago.
    • However, this statue broke when Sumire's Judgment Arcana went berserk.
  • Like Libertà and Nova, Felicità has had a contract Gli Amanti and La Ruota della Fortuna from the moment she was born.


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