Kanji ジョーリィ
Rōmaji Jyorī
Vital Information
Gender Male
Age 46
Height 184 cm
Professional Statistics
Famiglia Arcana Famiglia
Occupation Family Advisor
Personal Status
Status Active
Family Unnamed wife
Luca (son)
Elmo (created son)

Felicità (daughter-in-law)

Arcana The Moon
Stigmata Location Right Eye
Weapons Alchemy
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Kōji Yusa
Image Gallery

Jolly (ジョーリィ, Jyorī) is Mondo's right hand man and the Family Advisor, and he is one of the supporting characters of La storia della Arcana Famiglia.


Jolly is a tall man with black hair and often seen wearing sunglasses. His stigmata is located on his right eye, though mostly not seen because of the sunglasses he always wears. Jolly is usually wearing a blue shirt with his tie out. Over his shirt he wears a jacket, and on the jacket's left pocket he has a silver cross with a small chain. He is often seen smoking a cigar.


Jolly speaks in a slow and relaxed voice and he usually does not leave his laboratory during the day. Despite the fact that he taught Luca alchemy, Luca does not trust Jolly and insists that Felicità keep her distance from him.

Because of his childhood,Jolly is very loyal to Mondo and would do anything to save him. Even going to the extent of creating a homuculous, experimenting on humans like Pace, Debito and Luca to force contracts with Taroccos and using Felicita as a tool to save Mondo.

Because of his cold-hearted, emotionless actions and words, almost everyone on Regalo avoids him and looks at him as the very incarnation of terror.


When he was small, Jolly only had his grandfather. They lived in a small shack in a deserted graveyard, working as gravekeepers and buried all of the corpses lying out there. One day, Mondo collapsed in front of their shack during one of his journeys. Jolly woke him up and he asked for some food, but upon entering the small shack, Mondo was shocked upon seeing the corpse on the bed. It actually had been a while since Jolly’s grandfather died, but he continued living alone in the shack — with no food or warmth.

Mondo couldn’t leave a kid alone in that deserted place, so he invited Jolly to come to Regalo with him. Jolly also reminds him of his own son (Joshua – Liberta’s father), so Mondo decided to raise him as his own son. After giving Jolly’s grandfather a proper burial, Mondo took Jolly’s hand and brought him to Regalo. That’s why for Jolly, Mondo is truly “the world”.

Jolly was once married to an unknown woman. It is also unknown what happened to her.

Jolly was close to Mondo's son, Joshua, and did not agree with his choice of leaving the family for his wife's sake.  When Luca was younger, Jolly taught Luca how to use alchemy.

Jolly is the family advisor and Mondo’s right hand. He holds the second highest position in the family, and he’s in charge of giving out commands whenever Mondo isn’t available. Everyone on the island is scared of him, since he can make cold-hearted decisions and shows no mercy towards other people. Despite this reputation, the family members respect Jolly for his top-notch skills. Jolly is also the best alchemist in Regalo, but he doesn’t care and spends most of his time researching in his dark lab instead. His age is a mystery.



Moon Arcana (月, Tsuki, La Luna): Jolly's Arcana Powers are concentrated around manipulating minds and memories, similar to The Emperor Arcana used by Dante. Jolly's stigmata is located in his right eye. Upon activation, it emits violet aura.

  • Luna Piena Sonno (The Sleeping Moon): Jolly hypnotizes his target to enter his/her mind and to explore memories. He can use this ability to bring out some hidden or forgotten memories.


Mondo: Jolly is Mondo's right-hand man and is often regarded as the second strongest or (at least) the most feared member of the family. Jolly was saved and taken in to the family by Mondo when he was a young child and is noted in the game to be around the same age as Mondo's son, Joshua. As a result, Jolly is fiercely loyal to Mondo, and will use whatever methods necessary to save him.

Luca: Jolly is Luca's mentor in Alchemy. Luca bears a lot of hatred and resentment towards Jolly, due the experiments Jolly performed on him (as well as his childhood friends) as a contractor of an Arcana. He was married at one point but the woman is unknown. Jolly is Luca's biological father by blood because of this their appearance's are so alike.

Elmo: Jolly is Elmo's "creator" which is to say that Elmo is the first homunculus Jolly has created that was able to successfully make a contract with an Arcana. Jolly is shown to treat Elmo kindly, and Elmo himself views Jolly as his 'father.'

Felicita: Despite his flirtatious remarks, Jolly has no real interest in Felicita beyond her Arcana, the Wheel of Fortune's ability to save Mondo. However, he's one of Felicita's potential love interests in the visual novel, so his interest in her has the potential to turn into something genuine in either his own route or the best common route ending for the game.


  • It is said that Jolly is the best Alchemist on the entire Regalo Island.
  • Jolly's age is never specified however since he has a son is his late twenties Jolly is probably in his fourties.
  • Jolly's birthday is 8th March. A Pisces.
  • Jolly likes storms, especially spring storms. Because, he said it makes you feel like something is about to begin.
  • Jolly has been stated to be around the same age as Mondo's son, Joshua, so it has been estimated that Jolly might be some where in his thirties, however considering Luca's age this is highly unlikely.
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