Joshua (ヨシュア, Yoshua) is Mondo's son, and is one of the side characters in Arcana Famiglia Vascello Phantasma no Majutsushi.

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Joshua has the same appearance as his son, Liberta. He has longer hair to his shoulders and wears a glasses and black suit with a red bow on the center

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Justice Arcana (正義, Seigi, La Giustizia) #8 of the Arcana Taroccos. The stigmata is located on his left wrist. While activating it emits a greenish-yellow light.

  • Un Labirinto Atmosferico (An Atmospheric Maze):

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  • Joshua's existence in the anime was only hinted once; when Liberta revealed that he has had Il Matto since he was born and Nova speculated that he (Liberta) was related to him and Felicita.
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