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Forza della Pace (Pace's strength) is the 8th chapter of the La storia della Arcana Famiglia manga series. 


A mysterious aristocratic man invites Pace to come back to where he "belongs." Dante tasks Pace with introducing Felicita to society and to the lord.


Pace and other members of the Wands are pulling up an old shipwrecked boat in a magnificent display of Pace's strength. Just as Pace finishes beaching the ship, a mysterious man approaches them, reproaching Pace for such foolish things. They exchange some words before the man, Alberto, leaves. Pace, left in a frustrated mood, throws himself back into the topic of the shipwreck.  Felicita is later invited to Dante's office, where Pace is also waiting. Dante gives them the job of attending a dinner party at the lord's mansion as the perfect way to introduce Felicita to the lord. He tells Pace to introduce her to society since he's busy.

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