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La Prima Storia (まずストーリー, Mazu Suto^ri^, The First Story) is the first chapter of the La storia della Arcana Famiglia manga series.


Mondo, the leader of Arcana Famiglia announces that he plans to retire as the head of the organization and that his successor will be the winner of Arcana Duello, a fighting tournament between Arcana Famiglia members. The winner will also marry his daughter, Felicità, who immediately opposes, but is ignored. However, after realizing that she will participate as well, Felicità becomes determined to win for the sake of her freedom.


The manga begins with Felicità lost in a daydream about her childhood. Luca, her attendant, worries over her, and Sumire, her mother, scolds him for always helping her up. Sumire waves away Luca and encourages Felicità to get up, telling her that one day, she will be in charge of her own life and decisions.

Felicità is brought back to reality by Luca, who worries her spacing out is from walking for so long on a hot day. Libertà and Nova also there. Debito and Pace arrive soon after, and the two are disappointed to see Felicità in her suit, not in a new dress for the event -- but Debito admits her suit is very form-fitting already.

They head inside, and Dante declares the start of the event. For the sake of new recruits in the Family, he briefly explains the divisions of Arcana Famiglia and introduces Felicità, Mondo's daughter, as the new head of the Swords.

Mondo, the boss of the Family, steps forward to announce that he was retiring in two months. Instead, the Arcana Duello on June 1st would decide the new boss of the Family. In addition, that winner would also earn Felicità's hand in marriage. He lists a series of people who have Major Arcana who are required to take part in the Duello, including Felicità herself.

Felicità rejects this, arguing against her father in front of the crowd. Mondo stands his ground, teasing her with the idea that this was the only way for her to be truly part of Arcana Famiglia. She attacks him twice and is quickly thrown to the floor both times.

The others circle around her, arguing that Mondo has gone too far. But he only smiles and says the only way for her to get out of this is to win the Duello herself. After all, anyone with an Arcana is allowed to participate.

With that, Mondo declares that the "Wheels of Fate" have started to turn, and explains the rules.

Afterward, Luca and Felicità sit out by the fountain, Luca applying bandages to her face. Luca reminisces about the past, Mondo's relationship with their family, and protecting Felicità from the world. Debito, Pace, Libertà, Nova, Dante, and Jolly all join them at the fountain, throwing support in Felicità's direction.

Luca, Debito, and Pace remain behind with Felicità as the others leave. They cheer her up and discuss their own thoughts on joining the Duello. But even if they were to be enemies in the Duello, they promise to stay by her side.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  • Felicità
  • Luca
  • Sumire
  • Libertà
  • Nova
  • Debito
  • Pace
  • Dante
  • Mondo
  • Jolly