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La Seconda Storia (セカンド·ストーリー, Sekando · Suto^ri^, The Second Story) is the second chapter of the La storia della Arcana Famiglia manga series.


Felicita is tough at work in her position as head of the Swords. Luca pulls her away for a request sent by Jolly, and there's an odd tension between Luca and Jolly when they go to deliver the item.


The five divisions and their duties are briefly explained before rounding out to the Swords and to Felicita. She is hard at work, familiarizing herself with her new position at the division. Luca interrupts her work to say that there is an emergency she needs to address.

Once they're out of the office, however, it's revealed that the emergency is that Jolly is requesting a flower from her mother's garden. They deliver the flower, and Luca hurries to get them in and out as fast as possible. Jolly stops him, and there is tension as Jolly teases him on his fears.

Back at her desk, Luca bringing her lemon tea, Felicita thinks about that encounter and how Jolly managed to get under Luca's skin so easily.

Later, the group of Felicita, Luca, Liberta, Nova, and Pace have a meal together. Luca brings out cake as Pace exclaims that they haven't properly celebrated Felicita's new position yet.

The group discuss what to get the boss for a birthday present. They look to Felicita as the best choice of gift-giver and suggest that she give him a kiss. Luca explains that she's never kissed Mondo before, on account of hating his beard when she was younger.

Debito suggests she use him as practice, prompting Pace to offer himself as practice as well. Nova crushes their hopes by suggesting that she must have kissed Luca, due to him always being by her side since she was young. Debito, Pace, and Nova direct their jealousy towards Luca, who distracts by leaving the room to fetch dessert.

Felicita reflects on how cheerful everyone is, and how comfortable she already felt after three months being around them all.

Character In Order of Appearance

  • Liberta
  • Nova
  • Debito
  • Pace
  • Felicita
  • Luca
  • Jolly