Affiliates are wikis that are linked together. Affiliation is done to show that the involved wikis help each other out. It also helps in promoting the popularity of the wiki. To become affiliates, the wiki's admins have to contact each other, after which the wordmarks of the involved wikis are exchanged. It's a great way for smaller wikis to gain an extra boost of traffic. If you would like to become an affiliate, please contact an admin. All we ask is that you return the favor and include our wordmark on your affiliates page as well. 

Affiliated WikisEdit

Kuroko no Basuke Wiki-wordmark Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki-wordmark Ao no Exorcist Wiki-wordmark Owari no Seraph Wiki-wordmark Mai-Otome Wiki-wordmark Magi Wiki-wordmark Toriko Wiki-wordmark Medaka Box Wiki-wordmark K Project Wiki-wordmark Fairy Tail Wiki-wordmark Bleach Wiki-wordmark 07-Ghost Wiki-wordmark

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