Kanji リベルタ
Rōmaji Riberuta
Vital Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 173 cm
Professional Statistics
Famiglia Arcana Famiglia
Division Intelligence Division
Occupation Member of Intelligence Division
Team Tarocco
Personal Status
Status Active
Family Joshua (father)
Kiara (mother)
Felicità (half-aunt)
Mondo (grandfather)
Sumire (step-grandmother)
Moreno (great-uncle)
Nova (cousin)
Arcana The Fool
Stigmata Location Forehead
Weapons Cutlass
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Jun Fukuyama
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Libertà (リベルタ, Riberuta) is a member of the Intelligence Division, and the main protagonist of La storia della Arcana Famiglia.


Libertà is a young adult of average height and weight. His attire consists of a black suit with a red tie and a white shirt with a high collar, along with black pants and a navy-colored belt. He has blond hair, turquoise eyes, and peach-colored skin. His Arcana Mark is located on his forehead, hidden by his hair. He also has two piercings on his left ear.

As a child, he wore rags at the orphanage, but then wore a white shirt and short brown pants after being taken to a pirate ship by Dante.

His name means freedom in Italian.
Ep3 Libertà freaks out

Libertà's reaction when Felicità touches him


Despite his age, Libertà is very childish and energetic. He is also very kind and caring, swearing to become strong so he can grant Felicità her freedom. Being infatuated with Felicità, he is rather nervous around her and loses his calm when she gets too close to him.

When Libertà was a child, he spoke in an emotionless manner due to the fact he was constantly abused. After being saved and taken in by Dante, he gradually became happy and became able to interact with others.


As a child, Libertà was raised in an orphanage that used Libertà and the other children in there as test subjects. One day, Dante infiltrated the orphanage in a disguise and saw the abused children. One of the workers takes Libertà as a hostage after seeing Dante subdue several other workers by holding a knife to his throat. Libertà goes in a trance-like state and sees a lit candle wick. He then quietly utters the word "burn", activating his Arcana and causing a large explosion that destroys the entire orphanage.

After the smoke clears, a disguised Dante and Libertà stand in the orphanage's ruins. Libertà asks Dante if he came here to experiment on him as well. Dante replies by saying that he came there to save him, asking if Libertà wants to come with him, to which Libertà silently agrees.

Liberta Past Arcana

Libertà's Arcana activates after seeing Dante in danger.

Soon, Libertà was taken to Dante's ship. He was shy and fearful at first, but he slowly became more open to the ship's crew and more cheerful. However, because of the abuse he had to endure before, Libertà occasionally lost control of his Arcana, wreaking havoc each time. One night, a storm occurred at sea. He sees several crates fall on Dante screamed Dante's name and his Arcana activated, saving Dante.

Libertà continued to lose control of his Arcana, causing Dante to take drastic measures. Dante sealed Libertà's memories of his time at the orphanage and his Arcana.

Sometime after that, Dante took Libertà to Regalo. Libertà sits on Dante's shoulders and admired the view, as Dante told him that he will be joining Arcana Famiglia. Libertà energetically told Dante that he will surpass him. Dante tells Libertà that he shouldn't get his hopes up.


Liberta is first seen unloading packages from a ship then he hears noises at main street and jumps into action fighting beside Nova as the criminals get away in a car Liberta goes to catch up by roof then you see him jump down onto the car Liberta is later seen at papas birthday then challanges papa to win freedom for Felicta then Pace holds him back because he was charging for Nova who was standing in the way than he used his Arcana powers to get free not knowing he used them.


Fools Arcana (愚者, Gusha, Il Matto): His Arcana abilities, though sealed and not fully seen, are centered around the power of the word. When he invokes his powers, whatever he says comes to reality ("disappear" will make an object disappear, "burn" will cause an explosion, etc.) The ability is called Pensiero Realizzato (Realized Thought).

Weapon Specialist: He's shown proficiency with the machete; easily fighting off a bunch of smugglers single handedly. His swordsmanship skills are very good.


Felicita - Libertà is good friends with Felicita and has known her for a short while. From the beginning of the series it is clear he is infatuated and in love with her, even going as far as challenging Papa when she was going to be forced to marry the winner of the Arcana Duello. Their bond grows stronger through the story as she helps him overcome his fears and grow stronger. He even uses his Arcana powers in order to save her on several occasions, overcoming his fear. She is also the reason he recovered his memories of his past.

Dante - Dante is Liberta's guardian and mentor. Being that  Libertà  grew up in an orphanage, he never had any parents, that we know of. Dante is the closest thing he has to family before he joins Arcana Famiglia. When Libertà slowly starts to recover his memory he remembers a masked man who came and saved him from the orphanage. This man is revealed to be Dante who later adopted Libertà and took him with him. When Libertà's Arcana powers went out of control it was Dante who sealed his memories, until he was strong enough not to lose control again. Libertà recognizes Dante as the man who he must overcome, giving him a rival like title, to which Dante says his true rival may in fact be Nova and not him. Libertà and Dante face off during the Arcana Duello and Libertà is finally able to overcome him, thanks to Felicita and Nova, though he is not mentioned at that point.

Nova - Nova is Liberta's rival in life and love. When the two meet there is clear animosity between them as they argue all the time.  Libertà  even gives him the nickname "Chickpea" as a form of teasing, though it is clear it was on good terms. Through the story Felicita brings the two together and they develop a bond of friendship, and their rivalry is on better terms as well. Though they still argue, they both recognize the bond of trust between them and their mutual feelings for Felicita. 


  • His tarot card, The Fool, is associated with the protagonist of a story and reflects on all the "Human Archetypes".
  • Libertà's birthday is in May 13th (Taurus)
  • His name means "freedom" in Italian.
  • He somehow resembles Uzumaki Naruto in the manga Naruto, both have blue eyes, blonde hair, childish and energetic personality.
  • He is the only one of the three main characters to not be the head of the branch he belongs to.
  • In the anime, it is stated that he, like Felicita and Nova, had a contract with his tarocco since the moment of his birth. Nova informs him that it is easier to make a contract if one is related to someone with a tarocco, hinting of his relation to Nova and Felicita and the existence of his father, Joshua (Felicita's half-brother), in the anime-verse.

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