The cards of the Arcana Famiglia are based on cards from tarot decks. A full Italian tarot deck can contain 62, 64, or 78 cards, depending on version. The ones listed here are part of the Major Arcana.

The Major Arcana follow the order of the Rider-Waite tarot deck, a popular deck order.

Arcana Cards (and their contractors)
Card # Name Ability Contractor
0 Il Matto: The Fool The power of words Libertà
1 Il Mago: The Magician Shapeshift into animals that are seen or named by the contractor Ash
2 La Papessa: The High Priestess Unknown
3 L'Imperatrice: The Empress Unknown
4 L'Imperatore: The Emperor Seal people's memories Dante
5 Il Gerofante: The Hierophant Unknown
6 Gli Amanti: The Lovers Read people's hearts Felicità
7 Il Carro: The Chariot Gravity manipulation Teodore
8 La Forza: Strength Increase the contractor's strength in their attacks 


9 L'Eremita: The Hermit Invisibility Debito
10 La Ruota della Fortuna: The Wheel of Fortune Change the relationship between the contractor and their Arcana Card Felicità
11 La Giustizia: Justice Unknown


12 L'impiccato: The Hanged Man Envelop a person's vision in darkness Serafino
13 La Morte: Death Force victims to sleep Nova
14 La Temperanza: Temperance Disable the Arcana abilities of their target Luca
15 Il Diavolo: The Devil Unknown
16 La Torre: The Tower Force fields Elmo
17 La Stella: The Star Grants the wish of the wielder Neve
18 La Luna: The Moon Enter one's memories Jolly
19 Il Sole: The Sun Unknown
20 Il Giudizio: Judgement Heal others Sumire
21 Il Mondo: The World Amplify the Arcana powers of others and unlocks the rest of the 21 cards Mondo

Trivia Edit

  • Strength can be switched with Justice (#8 and #11) in most decks.
  • The magician is also known as il Bagatto, il Giocoliere, and l'Artigiano in Italian.
  • The Hierophant is also known as The Pope. The card in Italian is more well known as il Papa.
  • The Hermit is also known as il Vecchio (The Old Man), le Mione (The Monk), Time, and The Sage.
  • The Wheel of Fortune is usually shortened to la Ruota or la Fortuna in Italian.
  • Despite the morbid implications of the name, The Hanged Man is usually depicted as someone strung up by the ankle (except in Tarocco Siciliano). Also called l'Appeso.
  • Temperance is the act of moderation and self-restraint.
  • The World tarot is also known as la Terra or l'Universo.
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