Kanji モンド
Rōmaji Mondo
Also Known As Papà
Vital Information
Gender Male
Age 59
Height 184 cm
Professional Statistics
Famiglia Arcana Famiglia
Occupation Boss of Arcana Famiglia (retired)
Personal Status
Status Active
Family Sumire (wife)
Felicità (daughter)
Joshua (son)
Libertà (grandson)
Moreno (elder brother)
Nova (nephew)
Arcana The World
Stigmata Location Unknown
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Fumihiko Tachiki
Image Gallery

Mondo (モンド, Mondo) is the Head of the Arcana Famiglia, and is one of supporting characters of La storia della Arcana Famiglia. He also goes by the alias, "Papà". He is the father of Felicità and the husband of Sumire. Mondo has an elder brother named Moreno who is the father of Nova; thus, making Nova his nephew.


Mondo is a tall man with shoulder-length, auburn hair with a beard and is slicked back. He wears a white coat and a gray shirt with a black tie.

Personality Edit

Although Mondo can be harsh sometimes[1], he is very caring and actually very kind. He would do anything, even sacrificing his life to protect the people dear to him.

He's the type of father who is overprotective and can't say no to their daughters. At the end of the Arcana Duello, Libertà and Nova both agreed that Mondo is the least mature.[2]


According to the manga, Felicita has never expressed any kind of affection for her father, she hasn't even kissed him on the cheek.


Ep1 Mondo and Sumire join the party

Mondo and Sumire arrive.

On his birthday, Mondo marches into his partly along with Sumire, while thanking the attendants and stating that everyone's cooperation is what brought them this far. However, he add that it is time for him to consider retirement, and that someone will take his place if they win the upcoming Arcana Duello and become Felicità's husband. He swears by the name of his Arcana he will give the victor the title of "Papà" and grant their wish.[1]

Ep1 Mondo blocks Fel's kick

Mondo blocks his daughter's assault.

His words, especially the mention of allowing the winner to marry Felicità shocks the crowd. Felicità walks up to her father, sternly declaring that she does not wish to marry. Mondo tells his daughter that, while she chose to join the Arcana Famiglia on her own will, she had no say in this matter. Surprisingly, Felicità launches a throwing knife at her father's face, but it is calmly caught. He tells Felicità to beat him, and she will be free. When Felicità's kick is easily blocked, Mondo asks if she's even taking this seriously, she responds with a series of kicks. This fails, however, and Mondo throws her to the ground. Libertà becomes upset and talks back to Mondo, and he is provoked the same way Felicità was. Libertà charges, but is stopped by Nova.[1]

Ep1 Mondo taunts his subordinate

Mondo's glare and words succeed in scaring Libertà.

Mondo watches the whole ordeal between several head and Libertà before walking up to the former and telling him that the only way to free Felicità is to win the Arcana Duello, before leaving the party with Sumire. As they walk down the hallways, he tells his spouse that the "Wheel of Fortune" has started spinning.[1]


World Arcana

Mondo's Arcana.

World Arcana (世界, Sekai, Il Mondo): #21 of the Arcana Taroccos.[1] The power of his Arcana can seal other Arcana Powers.

The Arcana Tarocco Cards that don't have a host survive by the energy/power of the host of the World Arcana. This ultimately ends up draining Mondo's power to the point where it may threaten his life.


Sumire- Wife Edit

Felicita- Daughter Edit


  • The Italian name of his Arcana, matches his name.
  • His name means "world" in Italian


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