Nova (ノヴァ, Nova) is the Head of Cups division, and is one of the main characters from La storia della Arcana Famiglia. He is also Felicità's cousin.

He is one of Felicità's love interests.


Nova has blue hair and blue eyes. He's mostly seen carrying around a katana. His stigmata is on the back of his neck. He is mostly seen wearing a purple velvet suit with a blue tie. Nova is rather short in stature, standing below average height for a boy his age and is even shorter than Felicità. He is considered "cute" and has a babyface, but he does not like being called cute; even telling Libertà at one point he'd prefer if he didn't think he was cute when Libertà called him "uncute."


Nova is usually serious and calm, but can be childish at times. He often clashes with Libertà, as seen when he refused Libertà's offer to help in fighting a gang of smugglers in Episode 1. He even goes as far as to call that offer an "unwelcome favor." He is also a very serious person, shown when he defended Mondo after Libertà drew his sword to attack the head of the family, despite believing that Mondo was in the wrong to begin with. That incident also lets us know that he is very loyal as well, in fact further supported by his intervention in the smuggler incident when he stopped a smuggler who was charging at Felicità instead of letting her fight. Most times he stays in his office working instead of doing something else. Every year he skips Piccolino because he does not know how to handle children, although he still cares for them. Instead, he stays in his office. He is actually kind, but hates it because he thinks kindness is a form of weakness. He's used to being independent[1] due to his parents being absent and neglectful. Nova is considered a Tsundere.


Nova is fiercely loyal to the head family. Nova was once engaged to Felicità at a young age. But then he learned of his parent's betray Mondo and the head family. His parents attempted to manipulate him into betraying the head family because of his unique Arcana powers. However, instead of using his Arcana powers to put Mondo into a deep, coma-like sleep, he turned against his parents in a fit of rage. Ironically, they were thrown into a coma by their young son and his unwavering loyalty to the head family (particularly to Felicita). Since that day, he has trained in weapons rather than relying on his Arcana power. 


Nova is actually the first of the Arcana Famiglia to be shown in the series. In his appearance, he is shown halting a gang of smugglers, accusing them and then telling them that he'll be confiscating their goods. The smugglers however don't take too kindly to that statement and charge at him. Nova easily fights off most of them but gets stuck when a bigger man attacks him. That's when Libertà shows up and much to the annoyance of Nova, takes part in the fighting. When another member of the gang shows up in a car and drives off with other smugglers on board, Nova tries to run after them but is stopped by Libertà, who tells him that they should take the back roads to catch up instead of directly giving chase, to which he responds by promptly telling Libertà to hurry up. He appears once again calling Libertà an idiot after watching him jump onto the moving car. He then greets Felicità and watches on as Debito, Dante, and Pace stop the car and save Libertà. His final act of that scene is one of him cutting the clothes off of the car's driver when he charges at Felicità, thus effectively ending the chase and apprehending the smugglers.

He comes to Papa's birthday party and comments on how Felicità's clothing choice would better benefit her should something happen during the event, a statement that is later discredited by Debito voicing his opinion of Nova's true reason for defending her choice of dress. Nova is seen in the background as Jolly arrives and starts explaining the Arcana Cards, and whose made a deal with what card. The discussion is then interrupted by Dante's announcement that Papa would be addressing the entire family.

After the announcement for the Arcana Duello is made, Nova watches on as Felicità and Libertà show their resentment at the announcement and even comes to Papa's defense when Libertà draws his sword against the family head. Just as he and Libertà are about to clash however, he is then tripped by something. He immediately surmises that it was Debito, something to which the latter compliments on him figuring out. He then listens as Debito elaborates on his and Pace's Arcana powers and watches as Libertà breaks free from Pace's hold only to fall and be told by Papa to win the Arcana Duello if he truly wishes to free Felicità, thus effectively ending the confrontation. Later on that night, Nova shows up just a Libertà is telling Felicità that he would win the Arcana Duello and grant her freedom. Nova then voices his opinion that Libertà could never win seeing as how Libertà can't even properly control his powers, a statement that is immediately thrown right back at him. He momentarily blows up at the speculation and goes on the say that if he were to win then he wouldn't wish Felicità as his bride either. Libertà then states the outcome of either of them winning would be Felicità's freedom, something to which Nova replies by saying that Libertà's chances of winning are rather slim.


Death Arcana (死神, Shinigami, La Morte): #13 of the Arcana Taroccos. Nova's Arcana Mark is located on his nape. When it's activated it emits blue aura.

  • La Tenebra Addormentata (The Dark Dream) is the ability used to put people to sleep temporarily or eternal. Nova used this power uncontrollably to make his parents fall into eternal sleep.

Weapon Specialist: He's shown proficiency with the katana; easily fighting off a bunch of smugglers single handedly before Libertà arrived to help. His swordsmanship skills are even to the point where he can cut the clothes off of someone without harming them.


  • Felicità- Nova and Felicità are cousins and were betrothed in the past, but because he thought that since he couldn't control his powers when he was young and put his parents to coma-like sleep, he decided that he didn't deserve to be the family's son and so he broke off the engagement. They grew up together and are very close, and he calls her "Fel". They work well together as a team, as shown when they take down of a group of thieves. Throughout the series he comes to possess stronger feelings for Felicita. Towards the end of the series he decides that should he win the competition he will proudly present her with the ring, instead of simply setting her free, when in the beginning he stated that even if he won he would not want to marry her. This may in fact be because he realized his feelings were of love, and that he truly wanted to go through with the wedding of his own free will. He and Felicita are comfortable with teasing and making fun of each other[2]
  • Sumire- Sumire is his aunt, and a mother figure to Nova. They are quite close and he often comes to her for advice. Nova sometimes asks her to share him some Japanese flowers. She might be the reason for Nova to like Japanese things.
  • Libertà- Liberta is Nova's rival in life as well as in love through the story. In the beginning they disliked each other greatly, one may even say to the point of hate, but as the story continued Felicita gradually brought them together in a way they didn't know was possible. The two boys slowly became friends, and supported each other by helping one another overcome their fears and grow stronger. In the end the two face off in the competition, both resolved to win for Felicita and beat their only rival for love. The outcome was concluded as a draw when both boys used the remainder of their powers and collapsed, thus never giving a winner to their rivalry. Despite not winning the competition and not being able to marry Felicita, both boys declared that they would continue to fight the other for her heart.


  • Nova likes Japanese things, as he imagines Felicità in a yukata and also uses a katana as his weapon, as well as gardening in traditional gardening clothes.
  • Nova drinks milk every day
  • His name means "new" in Latin. However, hilariously, it also means "No go" in Italian, or it could refer to the moment before a star explodes.
  • Nova's repentence has him singing a sailor song, leading him to say he hates singing. He is also the first repentence in the series.
  • It was Nova's mother who originally attempted to make a contract with La Morte. However, since she was pregnant with Nova at the time, La Morte chose the unborn Nova as its contractor instead.
  • Nova has a character song, titled "Period no Mukougawa."


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