Kanji パーチェ
Rōmaji Pāche
Vital Information
Gender Male
Age 25
Height 187 cm
Professional Statistics
Famiglia Arcana Famiglia
Division Wands
Occupation Leader of Wands
Team Tarocco
Personal Status
Status Active
Family Caterina (mother)
Arcana Strength
Stigmata Location Back of Right Hand
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Tomokazu Sugita
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Pace (パーチェ, Pāche) is the Head of Wands, and he is one of the main characters of the series La storia della Arcana Famiglia.


Pace is a tall man with brown hair and gold-coloured eyes. He also wears glasses, and is usually seen wearing a black jacket.

Personality Edit

Ep1 Pace drooling

Pace's expression at the sight of his favorite food, lasagna.

Pace is shown to have a love for food. Lasagna is shown to really catch his attention in particular, as seen when he was contemplating whether or not to go after the smugglers or finish eating.[1] Another example of his love for food was at the birthday party for Papa when he is shown with two chicken legs in his hands while conversing with Debito.[2] He also likes Limone Pie and is shown to go to any extent to obtain it.

He is also one of the more outgoing members of the family, and something of a prankster.

Although he has noble blood, he is loyal to the family and rejects any connection to the aristocratic lifestyle.


Pace, in his childhood, grew up with Luca and Debito, and they liked playing hide and seek in the old church. They grew up together under the care of Pace's mother, Caterina. With his situation as an illegitimate child, he was never on good terms with his half-brother, Alberto.

He, along with Luca and Debito, all despise Jolly because he experimented on them to force contracts with Arcana Taroccos.


Ep1 Pace saves Liberta

pace begins to liberta.

His is first seen at a restaurant with his lasagna being served to him. He immediately cheers and begins to partake, but is interrupted by the gang of smugglers blowing past the restaurant while trying to escape from Nova and Libertà. He is then mentally torn between either eating his food or going to help apprehend the smugglers. Being the food lover that he is, Pace opts to finish his food first and arrives just in time to save Libertá falling from a hard landing after jumping off of an exploding car.[1]

Ep1 Luca and Pace see Jolly

Pace and Luca see Jolly enter.

Pace is seen later that night at Papa's birthday party chowing down on two chicken legs and conversing with Debito. When a regularly dressed Felicità arrives with Luca in tow, he along with Debito chastise an already sulking Luca for not attending to Felicità properly. He's also present when Jolly appears and starts to scratch the surface of the Arcana Cards. This is all cut short when Dante makes the announcement that Mondo is going to address the entire family.[1]

Ep1 Pace, Debito and Luca shocked by the news

Pace and the others surprised my Mondo's words.

He watches as the announcement for for the Arcana Duello is made and later watches as both Felicità and Libertà display their objections to the announcement and takes part in restraining Libertà when he and Nova charge at each other. His Strength Arcana is then introduced and elaborated on by Debito. Immediately afterwards, Libertà breaks out of his grip by momentarily sparking his Fool Arcana power and Pace watches and Mondo tells Libertà to win the Arcana Duello if he wants to free Felicità so badly, thus ending the confrontation. Afterwards, Pace is seen with Debito and Luca as the discuss the announcement and he even voices his opinion of having Felicità as his bride, only to be semi blown up at by Luca. He then questions Luca as to what he intends to do for Felicità since they all must participate in the Arcana Duello.[1]


Strength Arcana

Pace's Arcana.

Strength Arcana (力, Chikara, La Forza): Pace's Arcana Mark is located on the back of his right hand. When it's activated it emits yellow aura.

  • Porci Tutto Trapassare (Pigs pierce all) His deal with the Strength Arcana makes him incredibly strong. Debito even goes on to note that nobody can stand up to his strength. The limits and weaknesses of this ability remains a mystery though, seeing as how Libertà managed to break loose of his hold via an uncontrolled burst of power from his Fool Arcana. In a twist, Pace has also punched through Jolly's Arcana shield.


  • Luca: Pace's childhood friend Luca they liked to play hide and seek but Luca always found Pace because of his growling stomach.
  • Debito: Debito is also one of Pace's childhood friends. When they played hide and seek, Luca and Pace found Debito asleep in the church.
  • Jolly: Pace hates Jolly because Jolly tested on him, Debito, and Luca, forcing contracts with cards just to save Mondo's life.


  • Pace's birthday is 29th July. (Leo)
  • Pace is the Italian equivalent for the English word "Peace".
  • He loves to eat, but his most favorite food of all time is lasagna. He will eat it anytime, even early in the morning.
  • People call him the Regalo's Mangostano.
  • Pace's repentance was to watch Luca and Debito eat lasagna in front of him. However, he broke out his restrainments and ate the lasagna, much to Debito and Luca's shock.


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