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Episode 3
Title Piccolino
in Italian Piccolino
in Kanji ピッコリーノ
in Rōmaji Pikkorīno
Air Date July 15, 2012
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Piccolino 「ピッコリーノ, Pikkorīno」 is the third episode of the La storia della Arcana Famiglia anime.


Isabella is alone in the hallways to check if all the doors were locked. She remarks that Meriella and Donatella are mean. When she hears something, she goes to open a door. Then, she makes a gasp. In the morning, Nova finds the idea of a ghost ridiculous and states that Isabella must be tired and seeing things. Felicità describes the ghost while Libertà comments that Nova might scared which pulls Nova in the case. That night, Libertà and the others are doing a stake-out to wait for the ghost. When Felicità gets close and pushes her breast against Libertà's arm, Libertà's face flushes, and he freaks out. He assures Felicità that everything is fine, and when he accidentally grasps Felicità's bosom, Felicità attempts to kick Libertà but misses. As she misses, Libertà catches a quick glimpse of Felicità's panties. Felicità kicks down Libertà who crashes down the door. The three discover the ghost and let out a loud scream. Moments later, Luca explains that he used alchemy to animate the ghost to scare Pace from eating the sweets. When Felicità asks him why he cook so much goodies, Luca replies that he is taking them to the Piccolino. After both Luca and Libertà explains about Piccolino to Felicità, Libertà invited her to their event to play with the children. When Nova says he is busy, Libertà teases Nova about not being good with children.

On the next day, Elmo gets bumped into by a boy in town. The young girl asks Elmo if he is going to the Piccolino.  Over at the church, Luca demonstrates his magic tricks with the dove. Though, Libertà is the only one impressed. Debito shares a scary tale about an orphan child who met Diavolo. The child's soul is split into two: the first half became Belzebu while the other half is becomes a ghost that haunts the church. Debito scares the little children with Fukulota, and he comforts the little girl who is crying. Felicità notes that Debito is fond of children. In a flashback, Luca shares how he, Pace, and Debito grew up in the church. In one of their games, Luca find Pace hiding behind a pillar due to Pace's stomach growling. Luca finds Debito sleeping nearby and comments that Debito's face was like an angel. When Debito remarks that he is an angel of love, Luca cries how Debito has fallen. Then, Pace's stomach growls like a lion. As the gang have lunch, Luca mentions how the dessert, baci di dama, means kiss from a lady. When Debito gets close to kiss Felicità's hair, Luca gets angry at him for seducing Felicità. Meanwhile, Elmo stares at Felicita from the woods. During the Calcio, Pace kicks the ball that knocks down Luca.

Over at the Arcana Famiglia manor, Sumire arrives with tea. She scolds Nova for not going to the Piccolino. Nova states he is not good with children. When the rain comes, Debito, Luca, and Pace help the children go home while Libertà and Felicità are left inisde the church with two of the children. Back at manor, Sumire encourages Nova to go back to the church to help Felicità after noting Nova's kindness. She apologizes to Nova for taking his childhood away and comments that Nova should relax and not be scared to enjoy himself with the others. As Nova runs out in the rain, Jolly watches him and remarks about the storm. Back at the church, Libertà shares his adventures on the Aegean Sea. He remembers Dante manning the ship during a storm. On the ship, he remembers Dante who is about to be hit by some cargo. Then, Libertà could not remember the events afterwards. The children asks him how did the hero save the captain. When Debito arrives, he escorts the two children. Both Libertà and Felicità check the church for any children. Then, Nova arrives to ask them if all the children have gone home. When Libertà replies they got them all, Nova points to Elmo who is behind Felicità and Libertà. Nova feels Elmo's hands are cold. Elmo asks Felicità if he is sick because his chest is beating hard. Elmo tells Felicità that this is the first time he has felt this way with a smile on his face. While Libertà is looking for a blanket, his head starts to hurt when he starts to remember what happened to Dante. Elmo thanks Nova's group and bids them farewell. Nova tries to go after him and finds Elmo gone. Libertà asks his friends if Elmo was the ghost of the church. In Jolly's study, he welcomes Elmo home and asks if he enjoyed his day.

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