Sumire (スミレ, Sumire) is the supporting character of La storia della Arcana Famiglia. She is a Fortune Teller of the Arcana Famiglia, the wife of Mondo and the mother of Felicità.


Sumire is a tall, beautiful woman with straight and silky knee-length black hair with neat square bangs bangs that reaches just above her grayish violet eyes and it is decorated with a white flower paired with a red ribbon and yellow lace tied to the upper left side of her head. She is seen donning a white Kimono (inner fabric colored black) along with a large patterned dark gray belt (black in the anime) and black lace-up boots.

She also wears visible makeup. Her nails are very long, and are painted a dark red, almost black, and wears a red ribbon choker around her neck.

Her Stigmata is on her left palm.


Sumire is a very elegant and polite woman who is conscious of her own actions, as well as that of others, and aware of what consequences they may bring. She partly blames herself for ruining Nova childhood.[1]

Ep3 Sumire comforts Nova

Sumire comforts Nova.

While Sumire can joke and act casually,[1] she is very serious when the situation demands it and stops others and herself from doing something foolish. She deeply loves her family, willing to sacrifice herself for Mondo and cares for Felicità very much, raising her to be a strong person back in her daughter's early years.


Sumire was the referee as she watched Felicità battle various men in order to become the head of Swords. After she defeated her last opponent, Sumire used her Arcana ability and officially announced Felicità as the victor.[2]


Ep1 Mondo and Sumire join the party

Sumire walks alongside her husband.

Sumire arrives at her husband's fifty-ninth birthday party along with him and silently enters the crownd along with Mondo as he thanks the attendants for coming. She listens as Mondo gives a short speech, before announcing that he is giving the title of "Papa" to someone else, announcing the Arcana Duello that will occur in two months. Sumire looks at her daughter with a blank face as he announces that the winner will marry Felicità and helps Mondo adjust his coat after he kicks Felicità down.[3]

Ep1 Sumire smiles at Fel

Sumire smiles at her daughter.

As Sumire leaves the party with Mondo, she turns to Felicità and gives her a warm smile, informing her daughter that she still has a chance to win her freedom. While walking down the hallways, Mondo announces to his wife that the "Wheel of Fortune" has begun to spin.[3]

Ep3 Sumire arrives

Sumire enters Nova's office with tea.

During the day of Piccolino, Sumire visits Nova in his office with some tea. The two sit down to enjoy the tea, when Sumire states that her reason for coming is to scold Nova for refusing to participate in the Piccolino once again. Knowing why, Sumire comforts him. Not much later, while Nova is playing the piano, Sumire takes notice of the worsening storm outside and suggests that Nova go and help. She tells him that being kind is not something to be ashamed of, further consoling him by saying she wants him to enjoy his life. She smiles as she watches Nova run into the storm and help to people at the church.[1]


Judgement Arcana

Judgement Arcana in use.

Judgement Arcana (調査結果, Chousakekka, Il Giudizio) Number twenty of the Arcana Taroccos.[2] The power of Judgement Arcana is currently not fully known.

Judge This is more of the over-watch occupation of the family, but she helps referee competitions, like when they duel to find the Head of Swords, as she did with Felicita.
Culla Protezione (Cot Protection) This ability's primary function is to heal and restore an individual to full health. It was used on Mondo, causing the Arcana to go berserk.


Mondo Edit

Mondo is Sumire's husband.

Felicità Edit

Felicita is Sumire's daughter.

Nova Edit

Sumire appears to be Nova's consultant and his substitute mother.


  • Mondo calls her, his "Madame Butterfly", probably a reference to the Italian opera "Madame Butterfly" by Giacomo Puccini.


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