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The Night of the Birthday
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Episode 1
Title The Night of the Birthday
in Italian La notte del compleanno
in Kanji 誕生日の夜
in Rōmaji Tanjōbi no Yoru
Air Date July 1, 2012
Manga Chapters Chapter 1
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The Night of the Birthday 「誕生日の夜, Tanjōbi no Yoru」 is the first episode of the La storia della Arcana Famiglia anime.



The two rivals team up.

In the harbor of Regalo, Nova attempts to apprehend a band of robbers. When one of the criminals throws some dynamite at the Head, Libertà hears the explosion and rushes off to investigate, before his leader can protest. Nova continues to fight the robbers, until Libertà enters the fray, leading the two to bicker as they defeat several crooks. The leader of the robbers arrives via automobile and makes an escape attempt along with several of his men, with Nova and Libertà trailing close behind.

Arcana Famiglia celebrates their victory.

Elsewhere, Felicità walks with her division before she is told by a nervous Luca that she should be returning to the manor in order to prepare for the upcoming celebration, but is coldly turned down. Suddenly, the car carrying the criminals comes near them, followed by Nova and Libertà. The former grabs hold to the car, though Debito appears and fires two gunshots at the robbers, effectively knocking two of them off, followed by the arrival the of Dante, who fires attacks using a miniature cannon causing Libertà to fly off, but is caught by Pace. The remaining robber is then stopped by Nova.

Luca and the maids disappointed.

At night, inside the Arcana Famiglia manor, Felicità's maids, Mariella, Isabella and Donatella tell their master that she should wear a dress, and gets the same reaction from Luca, who objects on the spot, but fails to convince her, despite him noting that it is her father's birthday. Because of this, Luca is left dumbfounded as all three of Felicità's servants blame her disobedience on Luca, who soon runs off to attend the party.

Luca and Pace notice Jolly.

After Felicità and Luca arrive to the main lobby, Debito questions Felicità, wondering why she is wearing her uniform, with all three males adding that they were all looking forward to seeing her in a dress. Nova intervenes and insists that it doesn't matter. However, Felicità's Arcana activates and she realizes that Nova felt the same way. When Libertà soon joins the group, she also sees into his imagination, though his fantasy is much more immoral. This angers Felicità greatly, resulting in her giving Libertà a swift kick. Jolly enters and informs everyone that Felicità was upset because Libertà was thinking "bad things", further explaining Felicità's Arcana ability. When he tells her why her Arcana only activates by chance, he gets close to her, but is stopped by Luca.

Nova and Libertà express their shock when they hear Mondo's words.

The atmosphere soon recovers into a casual one, though Luca quickly becomes upset as soon as he deciphers the meaning of Jolly's words, realizing that Libertà was doing and berates him. However, Luca accidentally visualizes the same thing, earning a him a smashed face. Pace interrupts and points out that Mondo is walking into the lobby with his wife, Sumire. The men cheer, as Mondo announces that everyone's cooperation is what brought them this far. Then, Mondo catches everyone off guard by stating he is considering retirement.

Mondo fights Felicità.

He continues, proclaiming that an Arcana Duello will be held in two months to determine his successor, stating that the winner will become "Papa", will be granted their wish, and, to everyone's disbelief, have the right to marry Felicità. Felicità, who opposes his decision the most, confronts her father, stating that she does not wish to be married. Mondo counters that, as he is the leader of Arcana Famiglia, anyone serving the organization will do as he says. His daughter launches a knife at Mondo, which he catches before stating that she can go free if she defeats him. The two engage in hand-to-hand-battle, with Mondo blocking each attack his daughter throws at her, until he throws her to the ground. Luca quickly goes to Felicità's aid, whilst Sumire does the same for Mondo.

Nova stops Libertà from attacking Mondo.

Libertà is the next to become agitated by Mondo's behavior, claiming that he is depriving Felicità of her freedom, and that a father wouldn't do such a thing. Mondo taunts Libertà the same way as before. Accepting the challenge, he draws his sword and charges. Nova halts him, evoking both into fighting each other. Libertà is abruptly stopped in his tracks, while Nova trips. This is revealed to be the work of Pace and Debito. As Pace holds Libertà back with his his Arcana, the former struggles to break free. This leads to Libertà's own Arcana to activate. Libertà stumbles and trips before Mondo re-approaches him, acknowledging his performance as pitiful and informing the teenager that he will have to win the Arcana Duello to free Felicità.

Sumire smiles warmly at Felicità.

As Mondo leaves with his wife, Sumire turns and gives Felicità a warm smile, telling her that she still has a chance. The later couple walk down the hallways, with Mondo informing Sumire that the Wheel of Fortune has begun to spin.

Later, after the celebration, Debito and Pace are considering being married to Felicità, angering Luca greatly. Unfazed, Pace asks the attendant what he plans to do. Luca says that he will cheer his master on, but, to the attendant's dismay, Debito retaliates that anyone with Arcana has to participate.

Dante and Jolly converse.

In a separate room, Dante chats with Jolly. While Dante states that Mondo's idea is out of the question, Jolly jokes that he is becoming excited about Felicità becoming his wife and that he will in fact win if he takes that duel seriously.

A goal is born.

Outside the manor, Libertà assures Felicità that he'll become "Papa" and free her. Nova approaches the two and claims that he will be the one to set her free, and that Libertà's chance at victory is much slimmer than it could be, taking into regard his lack of command over his Arcana. When Libertà backfires that he hasn't been seen using any ability either, Nova snaps, yelling out that he shouldn't be compared to him, but calms down before walking off and telling Libertà to stop calling him a "chickpea".

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