Hi! I'm your local wiki admin! 

For the most part, the merge between Fandom and Gamepedia won't affect this wiki very much since we don't have a counterpart wiki on Gamepedia. Still, there are some changes that are happening to the site overall and I'm here to tell you how they affect the Arcana Famiglia Wiki. 

For more details on the latest news of the merger, click here

Character/Main Articles

Coding, editing, and everything already embedded into these pages should be unchanged. Coding on most infoboxes and templates here is a few years old and needs to be updated for easier mobile navigation, but it sounds like those won't be corrupted or broken by the move. Articles will look the same.

Article Comments

The comments below a character page, info page, or chapter page are in danger of being phased out! We have a lot of people just passing through, and some of them leave comments on articles rather than signing in and adding to discussions, making edits, or commenting on others' walls. 


Forums are being retired. That's a definite. I've already done my best to remove links to our forums here and hide it away since it was never used much even in the past few years. Other Wikis might use forums, but it was never popular here. Please use the Discussions page ( ).

Profiles and Message Walls

These are going to be transitioned into a new format. So things may look different, and editing profiles might be a different beast than building in your coding from the ground-up, but they'll still be there and you'll be able to use them in the same way they've been used for the past several years. 

Mobile Editing!

We're getting something added in this whole debacle: updates to mobile editing! Time will tell what that will look like, but my handy-dandy admin stats tell me that most of the people popping on here are on mobile. That's definitely a plus for anyone who's been thinking of editing from their smaller devices. 

That's all I have for you right now. Nothing about blogs has been announced (ironic, considering this is a blog post). 

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